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Reviews are the heart and sole of a business. The first thing the customer looks for when hiring a locksmith service or any trade service online is how many reviews they have and what the customers said about the business. There are many different ways to have a customer leave a review on google, coupons, special offers or simply ask them to. Some customers will be happy to leave a review but in most cases they wont and if they are not set up with a google account then it can really be confusing for them. so this being said, some businesses have found a loop hole and that is to make up your own google profiles under a different email address and leave a lot of reviews for your own company. So point being is when you search a company online such as locksmith or plumber or electrician, of course read the reviews, read through a few of them and see the jobs they did and the dates, but if you see they have 100-200 or more reviews and all good reviews or multiples in one day, just remember that is not a realistic number, and most of those are fake google accounts that left those reviews. A more realistic number is between 5 and 40 reviews from a business that has been around for 2-6 years then id say those are real reviews from real customers. This is not always the case but realistically its not easy to get google reviews, and that is why its important for the company to try. Watch out for scammers and think realistic numbers. Thank you for reading.

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