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Commercial Steel Door Replacement

Why Many Businesses Are Opting For Steel For Their Commercial Doors and Frames

Every year, more building and business owners choose to install commercial doors and frames made out of steel instead of traditional wood, but why is that? It’s simple: steel doors simply outperform competing options. If you’re interested in a commercial steel door replacement, let Tri County Lock help you out. 


There’s a few major reasons to upgrade your commercial doors and frames to steel. First of all, they provide long-term value. With proper care, steel doors and frames routinely last for 30 years or longer. If any repair, maintenance or commercial steel door replacement is needed over the years, we can take care of it quickly and for a fair price.


Another benefit is that commercial doors and frames made out of steel provide increased safety and security. Security is essential for commercial buildings that house large quantities of inventory or cash. With steel commercial doors and frames, it will be harder for intruders to manipulate or break down the doors, preventing unauthorized access. 


If you are in need of steel door installation or commercial steel door replacement service around St. Charles, IL, contact Tri County Lock. We provide and install a wide range of quality commercial steel man doors and frames for any and all types of buildings. Specializing in commercial steel door replacement, we can fabricate any custom size door or frame for any opening. We also supply commercial door locks & ADA door hardware that can be installed by any of our professional locksmiths. Call us for a free quote today!

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